Keanu Reeves Had the Most Beautiful Gesture with a Fan Who Wanted His Autograph

Keanu Reeves marked the life of a fan who managed to get an autograph from his idol.

Isabel Cara

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There are a thousand reasons to love Keanu Reeves, who is not only talented but also conquers people’s hearts with his charisma and kindness. Proof of the above is the story of a fan, who assured that the actor marked his life forever and all thanks to an autograph he gave him in 2019.

Fan Offers Movie Discount to Keanu Reeves

The fan, who at the time was an employee of a movie theater, told that during a workday while attending the box office, Keanu Reeves appeared in the place. The actor approached very casually to buy his ticket, wearing a riding helmet, an accessory with which he was also seen in 2001, in Sydney, Australia.

The movie Keanu was going for was ‘From Hell’, starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. When the young man realized that he was in front of the actor, his heart started beating fast. So he managed to avoid looking like a fan and get an autograph. To get it, the fan offered him his employee discount, this way, Reeves would have to sign his sheet, and “therefore, I have his autograph,” he thought.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as he imagined, as the celebrity turned him down, pointing out that he doesn’t work there. He paid for his ticket at the regular price and left.

Keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves Surprises His Fan

According to the young man’s story, already disappointed and very sad, a few minutes later, he heard a knock at the box office door. He thought it was his manager, but no, it was Keanu looking for him. “I realized you probably wanted my autograph. So I signed this,” the actor told his fan, as he handed him a ticket with his signature on the back. Subsequently, the actor threw an ice cream cone in the trash and left to watch the movie.

At that moment, the young man could not digest what was happening to him, he felt he was in a great dream come true; however, when he recounted what happened, he realized that Keanu had the most beautiful gesture. The actor would have bought an ice cream that he didn’t even eat, just to give his autograph to that young man who was willing to give him his employee discount for the signature of his idol.

Since that moment, the young man claims to be the lucky one, as he had the opportunity not only to get Keanu Reeves’ autograph but also to witness what an incredible person he is.

Story written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva