The Adorable High School Photos of Pedro Pascal You Didn’t Know You Needed to See

Long before becoming Internet's 'daddy,' Pedro Pascal had already conquered hearts for his attractiveness, as evidenced by some photos of his youth that became a trend in social networks.

Isabel Cara

Pedro Pascal

Nowadays, who doesn’t love Pedro Pascal? There’s a reason why he’s already considered the “daddy” of the Internet, where he keeps trending with every new “edit” that the public shares on TikTok. However, the latest “trend” that came out of him is already blowing everyone’s mind: images of his youthful days as a high school student, as several men and women have shared photos of their yearbooks to show not only that they knew him and lived with him, but also how handsome he was back then.

Handsome Since He Was a Kid: Pedro Pascal’s High School Photos

It was the user @bellsontour who gave rise to this “new” trend after sharing in a video some images from her mom’s yearbook that show that she not only knew the star of The Mandalorian but also became very good friends with him.

“Every time I remember my mother was friends with Pedro in high school,” is the text that the Internet user shared with the recording, which lets us see Pascal as a student at the Orange County School of the Arts, from where he graduated in 1993. The clip not only shares images of The Last of Us protagonist but also a long dedicatory note he apparently wrote to the young woman’s mother.

“Promise me you won’t forget me and be my first date to the Academy Awards,” one part of the text reads. In addition, a screenshot of an alleged message from @bellsontour’s mom showing another message from a handwritten graduation card was also included, and many netizens started mentioning that most likely Pascal was quite interested in her when young.


i crack open this yearbook about once a month #pedropascal #greenscreen #fyp

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The public not only congratulated the user and her mother for having a very nice memory of the actor but was also surprised that since he was a very young boy he was quite confident and sure that he would make it big as an actor. “The bro was already saying since high school, ‘Keep this.’ He already knew he was going to be THE Pedro Pascal,” reads one user’s comments. “He may have been your daddy, but he will always be our Daddy,” shared another netizen.

And some also asked the girl if Pascal ever tried to get in touch with her mom in the past, and that it would be a nice thing if he kept his promise to take her to another upcoming Hollywood Academy Awards.


my mother promises there was no romantic spark #greenscreen #pedropascal #fyp

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