Rihanna as Barbie is the Best Idea Ever and We Can’t Wait for it to Come True

A Barbie inspired by Rihanna? What would it look like? A designer on social media beat Mattel to it and made several images that would serve as a proposal for a prototype of this doll.

Gabriela Castillo


The frenzy over Rihanna, her return to music, and her new pregnancy is simply far from over, and with the release of the new posters and trailer for the live-action Barbie movie, many have wondered why Mattel has not made a doll of this pop music icon.

A designer has already taken the initiative and showed us that a doll version of the “Umbrella” singer would simply be the one we all want in our collection, and you’ll see why.

Designer Creates Barbie-Inspired Version of Rihanna

Mattel has released several versions of Barbie inspired by famous stars from the world of entertainment and sports.

For example, not so long ago, it launched dolls of Gloria Stefan, Tina Turner, and Vera Wang, and in recent decades it has made dolls inspired by Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé.

But why hasn’t it released one to celebrate Rihanna? Designer Dee Goddess took the initiative and recreated the image of our beloved artist in true Barbie style, and the images they shared on social media look truly amazing, making us want to acquire it for our collection.

“It’s a RiRi world. R3 Rihanna X Barbie Collection, stay tuned,” the artist wrote in the post they made with the images on Instagram.

And most of the internet users who have already seen it are too excited about the result, to the point of asking the creative for details about a possible collaboration with Mattel to make this doll a reality and launch it into the market.

“Okay, where can we buy it?” responded the user @all_thingsinlove.

“Hey, are you going to manufacture any of these? Because I don’t want to settle for AI, I want to get the real doll,” indicated the user @alex_rauff.

There is more than one version of Rihanna transformed into Barbie, and each one of them presents the artist with a change of hair color and style, impressive accessories, modern and colorful clothing, and other details that make us love our beloved Riri even more.

Story originally written in Spanish by Alejandro Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva.