Shakira and the Evidence That Would Confirm a Romance with F1 Lewis Hamilton

Shakira is reportedly giving love a new chance, and no, it's not with Tom Cruise.

Isabel Cara

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Miami has been great for Shakira; now we see her in ‘triple M’ mode, enjoying her little ones and apparently with a new beau. Sorry, Tom Cruise, it’s not you; the flowers were a nice touch, but who she’s allegedly really interested in is British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

Proof That Shakira Is with Lewis Hamilton

A few days ago, the Colombian was captured with her children in a Formula 1 competition, a new interest that Lewis would have awakened in her. The celebrities had dinner at a luxurious restaurant in the ‘capital of the Sun.’ In the images released, Shakira is seen arriving at the table of the Formula 1 champion. And that’s not all, there was already a second outing. After sparking rumors of a possible romance, they were spotted enjoying a yacht ride with some friends.

Both looked very comfortable. Lewis Hamilton wore a black t-shirt, plaid pants, and a white cap, while Shakira wore a swimsuit that she designed herself and that her friend Bego made for her. Neither of the two has confirmed or denied these rumors that are getting stronger and stronger; the truth is that we are glad to see Shakira happier and happier after her separation from Piqué.

Shakira lewis hamilton - shakira and the evidence that would confirm a romance with f1 lewis hamilton

Shakira and Her New Life in Miami

Shakira would have accelerated her move to Miami, not by her own decision. Her ex-father-in-law Joan Piqué demanded it using a letter, which he gave her a deadline of April 30 to vacate. The Colombian, upset with what was happening, took her things and left the place along with her children and now enjoys a new beginning from the comfort of her luxurious mansion valued at 10 million euros.

It is not known exactly what will happen to her former home where she formed a family with Piqué, but according to some local media, there are two options: The first is that the former soccer player’s family considers selling the house, and the second, that Piqué moves in with Clara Chía. In fact, a few days ago, the ex-footballers girlfriend shared a couple of pictures in what would be this place.

Story written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva

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