‘This is stupid’: Victoria Justice Denies That There Is Bad Blood Between Her and Ariana Grande

Victoria Justice has had enough of people saying she's feuding with Ariana Grande, so she came out to talk about it more than 10 years after rumors started that there's bad blood between the stars.

Isabel Cara

Ariana Grande y Victoria Justice

Haters: stop with your incitements already! At least when it comes to the case of Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande, as the former finally put a stop to rumors of an alleged bad relationship with the “Thank U, Next” singer in a recent interview. ‘She’s jealous,’ ‘she holds a grudge,’ ‘she can’t see her in the least’… All that and more has been said about Victoria Justice and her relationship with Ariana Grande after the end of the Victorious series, in which both were co-stars. However, the star of The Wolfberg Mansion and Zoey 101 finally came out in the open to shut up all the bickering about the situation and affirm that there is no bad blood between her and Ariana.

“We both said, ‘this is so stupid,'” said the actress in an interview with Entertainment News when she recalled how she and her former partner took the first comments about alleged friction between the two, more than 10 years ago.

Victoria recounted that at the time she texted Ariana to talk about what happened, and said they both criticized the bad narrative that had spread in media and social media that the two had stopped being friends. “I feel like it’s this constant story of the media and people wanting to pit people against each other, and it’s not even a relevant thing right now. This is silly, this is stupid,” she added.

And these comments simply reinforce those from another interview the celebrity gave for the Chicks In the Office podcast in March 2021, in which she said that she and the “Side to Side” performer kept in touch and were supportive of each other. “I love Ariana, and she’s killing it right now. We text each other. She’s pretty cool. So, it’s all good,” she commented at the time.

What causes some expectation in the whole situation is that just in her meeting with E! News she noted that she no longer wanted to talk about the subject, which for many remains as a sign that she feels uncomfortable when asked about her “friend’s” success.


The Origin of the Feud Rumors

Criticism against Victoria and reports of her alleged feud with Ariana arose in 2010, at the beginning of the production of Victorious, a Nickelodeon show aired between that same year and 2013 and in which the actresses gave life to the characters of Tori Vega and Cat Valentine, respectively, according to Page Six.

It all came about because of a promotional group video that went viral, in which actress Elizabeth Gillies, also a cast member in the role of Jade West, was enthusiastic about her friend Ariana’s singing quality. However, it seems that the comments were not entirely to Victoria’s liking: “I think we all sing,” the artist indicated, arms folded, an act that was taken by many netizens as a sign of jealousy at not getting a desired reaction for her talent and for allegedly feeling overshadowed by Ariana’s talent.

In addition, there are reports that the two celebrities did not get along off-camera on the set, which led to several confrontations with each other and with other members of the production team that ended up putting an end to the project. However, Ariana continued working for Nickelodeon for a little while longer, reprising her character in a spin-off of the series and another quite popular at the time, iCarly, which was titled Sam & Cat and featured Jennette McCurdy.

This spin-off only lasted one season, but it served as a showcase for Ariana to launch her debut album, “Yours Truly,” after which her fame simply continued to rise, to the point of winning two Grammy Awards. The rest is history.

Story written in Spanish by Alex Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva