“We Are in the Matrix”: The Mysterious Last Words of Tech CEO Erin Valenti

Erin Valenti's death remains a mystery to this day and her strange last words have led to speculation about our own reality.

Gabriela Castillo

erin valenti

In October 2019, Erin Valenti, the CEO of a successful technology company in Salt Lake City, Utah, died under circumstances that remain a mystery to this day. Before her disappearance and being found dead in the back seat of her car, Valenti called her family and said a series of strange words: “We are in the Matrix.”

Erin Valenti was born in 1986 in New York. She graduated from Georgetown University in business administration and co-founded her own start-up with her husband, Harrison Weinstein, in 2011. The two founded Tinker Ventures, a company dedicated to development and innovation that grew to over 100 employees in eight years, and also worked in conjunction with CTRL-labs. One of the most notable products of this company was a type of band or smartwatch for “mind reading”, part of their project to connect human brains to computers.

Erin valenti

What happened to Erin Valenti?

In 2019, Erin Valenti won the Women in Tech Awards and everything indicated that it would be one of the best years in her career. In October, however, she decided to attend a seminar in Orange County and then in Silicon Valley, before returning to Salt Lake City on the 7th. But Erin would never return home.

On October 7th, after having dinner with a colleague, Erin called her family and informed them that she would be driving to the airport to take the flight back to Utah. The car was not where she had parked it, but she assured her mother that she would find it soon and that everything was under control.

Minutes later, Erin called again and said that she had found the car. However, she now sounded agitated and said that although she had recently filled up the tank, the vehicle was running out of gas. For this reason, Erin informed her mother that she probably would not make it to the airport and would miss her flight.

Erin’s mother, worried, called her son-in-law and asked him to contact her daughter. The two spoke to her for the next few minutes, during which she sounded worried and confused. “It’s all a game. A mental experiment. We are in the Matrix,” were some of her words. After that last call, no one was able to contact her again.

Erin valenti

Five days later, on October 12th, 2019, the police found her body in the back seat of the rented car, which was parked in a suburban area, according to Telemundo. The body showed no signs of injury or suicide, and the results of the autopsy revealed that Erin had no health problems, did not use drugs, and had no history of psychiatric illness.

To this day, no one knows what really happened to Erin Valenti or what the exact cause of her death was. Of course, her last words have led to speculation that she discovered something so important that she had to be “eliminated”. And the idea that we live in a simulation is not so far-fetched if we remember that even Harvard scientists have suggested that our universe was created in a laboratory by higher life forms with technologies superior to our own.