Rafael Pacheco, the Mexican Pilot Who Transmitted an “Extraterrestrial Message” During a Flight

In 1976, a pilot claimed to have been possessed by being from another planet. He transmitted a supposed message from aliens.

Gabriela Castillo

Rafael Pacheco

In 1976, an event occurred that left Mexican society, as well as members of the aviation community, very surprised. A pilot claimed to have been possessed by extraterrestrials and transmitted a supposed message from these beings from another planet.

It was Rafael Pacheco Pérez, a student at the Mexico Aviation School, who sent a strange message to the control tower while flying a plane that was supposed to fly over the Chimalhuacán area but for some unknown reason ended up reaching the port of Acapulco, even though it didn’t have enough fuel to make it.

“He is speaking because he is ordered to do so, that is, this is his voice, he is speaking but not of his own free will. We are using him as if he were… yes, we are using him as a microphone,” the young man told the Acapulco control tower where air traffic controller Carlos de Kretschy was located.

“We don’t matter much, nor where we come from, nor where we’re going, just know that we are beings from this universe to which you belong. Our planet is many light-years away, but I’ll repeat that before it becomes confusing: we are physically the same as you, I repeat that all races in the universe are physically the same,” he added.

Pacheco Pérez continued, “You are not alone in the universe, and there are other races that we are keeping away from you, but we are watching you.” At that moment, the transmission ended.

Kretschy informed the authorities, who detained the pilot, who landed without incident, to conduct tests and verify if he had consumed any substances.

To everyone’s surprise, the Acapulco Health Center issued a certificate stating that he was in perfect health and had not consumed any drugs.

The media of the time interviewed Pacheco Pérez, who claimed that the alien beings that possessed him were evil, as they ruined his career, and he never piloted a plane again.