JLo and Ben Affleck Get Matching Tattoos Showing the True Meaning of Couple Tats

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get tattoos together as a symbol of their great love.

Isabel Cara

JLo y Ben Affleck se tatúan juntos y nos enseñan el verdadero significado de los tatuajes en pareja

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got matching tattoos as a symbol of their great love…and it’s because the couple is one of the favorites among celebrities, especially because they showed us that second chances exist and can be the right ones. Since their reunion, JLo and Ben haven’t been apart for a minute, and this time they promise that their love will be forever because they are willing to do things right this time.

Both artists have expressed their love in different ways, including their marriage and their promise to keep together in sickness and health. However, it seems that nothing is enough to say how much they love each other, because recently JLo and Ben Affleck got tattoos to carry their love on their skin.

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JLo and Ben Affleck Get Matching Tattoos

Many of us do crazy things for love on Valentine’s Day, including celebrities. Jennifer Lopez shared on her Instagram account that she already carries Ben Affleck on her skin, literally, as the couple got tattoos representing their union and showing us that for love, there is no age or barriers.

JLo got the infinity symbol pierced by an arrow and their names written, while the actor has two crossed arrows with both their initials. “Commitment. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love,” wrote the celebrity.

JLo’s photos weren’t just to show off their new tattoos, but also to recount her love for the actor. She even recalled some of the photos taken of them at the 2003 Oscars, during their first engagement.