The Powerful Spiritual Meaning of a Pink Moon

Spring brings an important astrological event: the pink moon. Discover here its powerful spiritual meaning and how to make the most of it.

Gabriela Castillo

Luna rosa y flores rosas

With the arrival of spring, several powerful astrological events are also gestating, in addition to the equinox itself and the seasons of signs such as Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. One of the most beautiful and energetically important is the pink moon, which will arrive in April 2023. Now we’ll tell you what the powerful spiritual meaning of the pink moon is and how to prepare for its appearance.

What is a Pink Moon?

A pink moon is not called that because it changes to this color, as in other types of lunar events, but because it is the first full moon of spring, an important energy event because it comes loaded with a lot of sunlight and good vibes, according to Bustle.

Its name comes from a tradition among indigenous people who used this lunar event to mark the blooming of the first wild pink flowers in the spring, which are also known as “ground phlox.”

Full moons, in general, mark the end of a lunar cycle, and in the case of the pink moon, they will attract several emotional closures and releases, simply to attract moments as joyful as its name suggests, as astrologer Catherine Gerdes comments.

“Falling after the vernal equinox, this pink moon coincides with the entry of more sunlight and warming in the northern hemisphere,” she points out.

Flores rosas

“We are releasing the dark seasons that we spent indoors and returning to a greater connection with nature and, perhaps, with each other.”

What is the Powerful Spiritual Meaning of the Pink Moon?

In some cultures, the pink moon is also known as the awakening moon, according to Gerdes, since when it appears, a revival is marked that is evidenced in the natural world, thus initiating a season of rebirth.

Thus, this astronomical event serves to remind the world of the importance of being connected to the Earth, and the best way to do it is to spend time outdoors with the intention of establishing this connection, as well as making efforts to nurture personal relationships.

The pink moon will draw the world outside, with the desire to enjoy the long, bright, and warm days that the season will bring, so a good way to prepare for its arrival would be to schedule more outdoor activities that allow for this moment of connection between oneself and nature.

“Plan an adventure, go for a walk or dust off your bike and go for a ride. If you have a garden, know that this is a time when it needs your extra attention and care,” Gerdes adds.

“With so much collective focus on restoring energy and good vibes, this pink moon is an opportune moment to reconnect with the natural world, allow for the energy reset, and see how the rest falls into place.”

Luna con nubes rosadas

What to Expect from the April 2023 Pink Moon?

On this occasion, the pink moon will be in Libra, which is considered the sign of balance and harmony, so another way to honor the event is by doing internal exercises around relationships.

“The sign of Libra embodies the themes of justice and equity, which are not the most comfortable to address, but are fundamental to prosperous partnerships,” Gerdes notes.

Therefore, it is advisable to question in which relationships one is investing their time and effort and whether they are truly worth it, as well as other details about where personal balance lies and how balanced or unbalanced it is.

This pink moon, according to Gerdes, will also have a lot of planetary activity in the sign of Taurus, which will make many people question stability, security, investments, and self-esteem, so the astrologer asks that these issues be examined personally as a good practice for the astrological event.

This year’s pink moon will be present on April 6th around 12:37 am.

Story originally written in Spanish by Alejandro Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva.