6 Signs That You’ve Met The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Leading a love life is not easy, and sometimes we make big mistakes. Keeping a relationship steady and happy is a challenge, because at the end of the day both sides have to somehow be on the same channel. When we say, “summer fling” we don’t immediately think of a long term commitment, after all, they’re just people who happen to cross our paths for a couple of weeks. When adulthood steps in, we feel it becomes harder to find someone we want to share our lives with. Perhaps the difficulty stems from the fact that we become more aware of how fleeting life is and how harsh it can be to feel lonely. So, we turn up our noses at “summer flings” and overlook those who are on a different channel than us.

So once we meet someone we consider is right for us, we’re willing to give it our all to make things work. But like in life, sometimes things just don’t pan out, no matter how hard you try. Why do these relationships fail? Well, I believe it’s because our focus was more on the who that person could potentially be, rather than who they really were. It can be that you’re dating someone and you feel this connection, but there is a slight static, a few warning signs telling you that things are not heading the way you want them to be. This person might tick all the boxes but that doesn’t mean the relationship is developing at the pace and time you want it to. Here are six signs that let you know whether you’ve met the right person only to realize the timing is wrong.

They’re still hung up on their exes

Right person wrong time2 - 6 signs that you've met the right person at the wrong time
It has happened to many of us. Nobody likes to think of themselves as a rebound, but it’s important to know the signs. When your partner can’t stop talking about their ex, it’s very likely that they haven’t gotten over them, even if they say otherwise. Don’t fool yourself!

They’re too young to empathize with your problems

Right person wrong time5 - 6 signs that you've met the right person at the wrong time
Falling in love with someone who is much younger than you can feel equal parts refreshing and disconcerting. They have different expectations, experiences, and tastes. They might share the latest music trends or encourage you to go out and party more often. There are also downsides that come with dating someone younger and that is the level of empathy you want from your partner. But let me be clear, age doesn’t equate maturity, your partner might be younger and more mature than you, but perhaps, they have different expectations of what they want in a relationship. Simply put, you are on different channels.

They live in another country

Right person wrong time1 - 6 signs that you've met the right person at the wrong time
When we meet someone fascinating abroad, we can fall for them in a matter of seconds. Once we surpass cultural barriers for our love interests, it feels as if our differences just paved the way for the road to a splendid relationship. However, we will eventually have to get back home and leave that person behind. Trying things long distance can only be a temporary choice. If you wish to be together, one of you will eventually have to leave their respective home country, and not many people are willing to do that.

They care too much about their career

Right person wrong time6 - 6 signs that you've met the right person at the wrong time
Driven people are the most attractive. Their attitude for succeeding in their goals in life radiates confidence, and that’s something we all look up to in a potential partner. We like to know that our love interests are active people who will claim the place they want in life by doing all the efforts they can. Sometimes, however, love gets in their way to reach their obstacles. It is important to have a balance, this way your relationship can flourish.

Their lifestyle is not compatible with yours

Right person wrong time3 - 6 signs that you've met the right person at the wrong time
Everyone has different habits, but sometimes we can’t just blend in into certain worlds. We may have met the right person, but if we can’t be comfortable in the world they inhabit, how long do you think the relationship will last?

They expect you to change

Right person wrong time4 - 6 signs that you've met the right person at the wrong time

People are constantly changing, but it’s impossible to know which direction our lives will take. Your love interest might have very different plans for you than you might imagine, and if they expect you to change all of your life plans to make your love work, you might as well stop and think if that is a decision you want to take and if you can own up to any future regret.

Being with the right person at the wrong time can be heartbreaking, but it’s even worse to be just with the wrong person. Take care of yourself by checking out the things you must never have in common with your partner, and check out the 20 things you should know about your partner without having to think twice.