11 Signs That Show The Love Between You And Your Partner Is Spiritual

If you believe in reincarnation and metaphysics, then probably this isn’t the first time you share an existential plane with your partner. You feel so connected that maybe you were together in a different life, were accomplices and shared beautiful moments together. Time is no longer an enemy, because with every lifetime you’ll eventually be drawn to each other.

Filmmakers, novelists, and artists believe love and death are cyclical phenomena. These driving forces lead us to meet people time and time again and share unique experiences. We recall Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, where the protagonists meet during three different epochs: the conquest of America, the present, and the future.

What is love? For Aronofsky it is simple: the essence of this feeling is an ongoing debate between our lack of time and how we don’t appreciate what is left of it. Time eludes us, and as we try to reach for the impossible –eternity–, we are made painfully aware of our fleeting existence. It is at the very end that we inevitably look back and think, “if only I had loved fully instead of focusing on what tomorrow may come, maybe I could have felt the true essence of love.” So, enjoy the moments you have with that someone, because no matter how much you try, time effaces the memories, and you’ll never be able to recall absolutely everything.

Soulmate relationships - 11 signs that show the love between you and your partner is spiritual

You communicate without words

A look is enough for the other person to know what’s happening or what they want. There is no need for grand gestures when you’re already in tune with each other.

The best and worst parts of you are open

Only a person who is connected to you is fully aware of your dark and light sides. They know each of your pressure points that will make you rage or mellow with affection. A personality is like a changing kaleidoscope, and while some may be overwhelmed by the emotions and thoughts, that special someone moves and shifts alongside your hectic reality.

The chemistry is apparent

Those around you know you’re a couple because the connection and chemistry are undeniable.

Soulmate relationships - 11 signs that show the love between you and your partner is spiritual

You seem connected even if you’re separated by great distances

It is simple to illustrate this point; it is when you receive a call just when you were thinking about them, or suddenly you feel anxious and give them a call, and it turns out they were having a bad time. Sometimes connections are not only physical, but almost magical in their nature.

You feel as if you’ve known them their whole life

Despite the fact that you’ve been together for a few years or even months, this closeness is such that you cannot imagine not having them in your life. They are deeply intertwined in your daily life, and as it runs its course, the connection becomes deeper.

When you talk about your life before meeting them, you realize there were many moments where you could have crossed paths

If you lived close by, shared friends, frequented the same bars and cafes, or even your mothers went to the same school together, you realize that sooner or later you’d end up meeting each other.

Soulmate relationships laughter - 11 signs that show the love between you and your partner is spiritual

The tastes you don’t share are important

People always want to focus on the tastes couples share, as if these will ensure that they stay together. Frankly, it is far more important to focus on the things that separate you as individuals and that you are able to fit into their differences. Perhaps you enjoy drinking a glass of wine and they like watching sappy romantic French films; then just as they’ll chug down the glass of wine, you’ll watch the films gladly. It is the differences that bind you together and a foundation of the respect you share for each other.

You’ve made an impact in their lives, just as they have on yours…

If you notice your life has changed for the good, then you can be sure that the connection binding you together is intense and true.

You feel safe to open up about any subject
Intense talks and shared secrets can bind you just as closely as a day filled with caresses and kisses.

Soulmate relationships couple - 11 signs that show the love between you and your partner is spiritual

You know the direction of their thoughts without them even saying a word…
You don’t know if this is a newfound ability, but just by paying attention to their tone or certain words, you know the direction of their thoughts and what they’re trying to articulate.

When something happens to you, the first person you want to tell is your partner.
When love transcends the limits of the physical, then all your emotions run their course towards that person. Probably you had a difficult day or you have incredible news to share, and the first candidate that pops into your head is your partner.

Soulmate relationships connection - 11 signs that show the love between you and your partner is spiritual

Whether you believe or not that love transcends the borders of death and overcomes the cycles of life, it doesn’t matter. What truly matters is the importance of appreciating and embracing the present when you love someone. It appears to be a human condition where we are hellbent on focusing on the future and we forget to see who is walking next to us in this short life.