Even dinosaurs love Christmas: this museum T-Rex got its own ‘ugly sweater’

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In case you need a good laugh, here’s a funny picture: London’s Natural History Museum got its T-Rex replica its own Christmas jumper made of recycled materials. 

The animatronic sports a festive knit made by a family-run firm in Leicester that has knit jumpers for Ed Sheeran. 

According to Snahal Patel, firm director, the jumper took over 100 hours to complete and is one of the biggest pieces ever made. 

The navy jumper with Christmas trees, snowflakes and dinosaurs, is 12 times heavier than a regular and human-sized version, according to BBC. 

The jumper is made of recycled yarn and plastic bottles, a material in which British Christmas Jumpers specialize. 

The main goal with this funny image is to attract visitors, generate interest and make a fundraising for the museum through the selling of the same jumper in human-size.

“All the proceeds from the sale of these jumpers go back to supporting the museum, not only for its pioneering research but also caring for its 80m specimens”, said the BBC Carla Treasure, responsible for the attraction in the museum.

Photo: Natural History Museum, London