Fights With Your Sibling Are Not a Coincidence: They Probably Belong to These Zodiac Signs

Sibling rivalries exist, and history has given us plenty of evidence of this (just look at how Prince William and Prince Harry of England get along), and an explanation that not many have considered has to do with their zodiac signs.

Gabriela Castillo

Just as there are signs that are attracted to each other at first sight, there are others that cannot stand to be in the same room together, and among the latter are likely to be you and your sibling if you can’t stop fighting over almost anything. And it’s time to better understand why these conflicts occur in order to start thinking about putting an end to them.

Why Do Some Signs Repel Each Other Almost Automatically?

Astrologer Lisa Stardust explained in an interview with Bustle that in general, signs can get along with everyone to some extent, but there are some pairs of signs that simply have much more difficulty understanding each other.

And among siblings, there is an even more complicated issue: this false idea of seeking to be the favorite of the parents and always being admired by the rest of the family, which further complicates their relationship.

“It seems that signs that have a more free spirit and those that need security are the ones that most often rival each other,” the specialist comments.

Hermanos signos peleas 1 - fights with your sibling are not a coincidence: they probably belong to these zodiac signs

This can be translated to mean that people with liberal signs are very prone to expressing themselves and seeing life in a very different way, which generates a sense of false superiority that ends up causing discomfort to the people around them. And if we add the “sibling” factor to that, well… it can become a catastrophe.

Sibling rivalries can arise for any reason, not just because of their zodiac signs, but it is true that these pairs of signs may have more difficulty getting along with each other, so some caution should be exercised.

Pairs of signs that can generate rivalry between siblings:

Gemini and Pisces

Hermanos signos peleas 2 - fights with your sibling are not a coincidence: they probably belong to these zodiac signs

In general, couples formed by these two signs can encounter several problems with each other because Gemini is always in constant change of thought, and Pisces finds it difficult to wander between fantasy and reality, which can be a problem when it comes to communication because neither of them likes to take the first step.

“This can generate tension since neither of them likes to assume a leadership role,” comments Stardust.

Instead of thinking that they themselves may be to blame for a particular situation, the first thing they will do is point the finger at the other simply because they feel frustrated.

In addition, Gemini likes to enjoy their independence a lot, and Pisces hates being ignored, so this can also become a problem in the future because Gemini could feel that Pisces follows them everywhere, and Pisces could feel that Gemini simply doesn’t care enough about them.

Leo and Capricorn

Hermanos signos peleas 3 - fights with your sibling are not a coincidence: they probably belong to these zodiac signs

These signs of earth and air love praise and being paid attention to, which is why they could have a huge rivalry between them in their quest for mom and dad to be attentive to their needs.

Both tend to behave selfishly and egocentrically, which could cause enormous emotional challenges, and since each has a particular way of viewing success, the actions that the other takes will be incomprehensible to both and that will sometimes make it difficult for them to understand each other.

Leos are very free-spirited, and Capricorns are more pragmatic; the former love to be seen, and therefore will always be aware of their social networks, while the latter are enriched more by climbing to success in a traditional way.

Taurus and Aquarius

Hermanos signos peleas 4 - fights with your sibling are not a coincidence: they probably belong to these zodiac signs

As they are essentially too different, it complicates them a lot to reach an agreement.

“Aquarius is known to crave their freedom, while Taurus would like to feel secure and productive. Taurus usually gets stressed with Aquarius due to their flexible lifestyle,” says Stardust.

And since Aquarius almost always behaves like the family child who does what they want when they please, it usually gets on Taurus’ nerves, who almost always assumes the responsibility of making sure everything at home goes well.

Aquarius is more social, so they try to have a wide circle of friends, while Taurus likes to keep things as homely as possible, so they do not let just anyone into their special place, and since Aquarius can prioritize their friends over their family, this often causes Taurus to get angry and lose their temper.

If they do not establish their rules and boundaries in agreement soon, it is very likely that as they grow up, they will become more and more distant.

Story originally written in Spanish by Alejandro Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva.