‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3:’ A Tear-Jerker Goodbye to What Marvel Once Was

'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' says goodbye to one of the most iconic franchises of the MCU; it might be the very last great Marvel movie we'll see.

Isabel Cara

Our favorite team of space misfits is back in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and it’s definitely a sour-sweet moment because we all know this is the last time we’ll se them, at least together, and at least under the amazing guidance of the great James Gunn.

After some quite lousy years of disappointment after disappointment within the last Marvel movies, we might’ve already gotten the quality we’ve been craving after Avengers: Endgame. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is finally in movie theaters all over the world, and Marvel fans will finally rejoice with a great story that closes one of the most innovative sagas in the superhero genre.


What’s the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 About?

Peter Quill has been dealing with the loss of his beloved Gamora, and to do so he resorts to alcohol and self-pity. The rest of the team is trying their best to support him while establishing their new colony in Knowhere. However, things get really bad when Rocket gets severely injured by a guy named Adam Warlock. He’s about to die and the team has to embark on a new adventure to save him.

While they do show us really hilarious situations we get to see the heartbreaking origin story of our beloved Rocket, and let me tell you that since the very first scene, we see little Rocket being subjected to cruel experiments, the movie puts us on a rollercoaster of emotions that nobody would expect of one of the most comic sagas of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m telling you, the passing of Iron Man was nothing compared to how much Rocket’s story makes you cry.

The Most Violent MCU Film

Without taking it to an extremely visual Tarantinoesque type of violence, the themes and situations that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 resorts to will make you sick to your core. The movie explores the horrors of animal abuse, experimentation for the ‘betterment’ of another, and the selfishness of those who consider themselves a superior kind.

James Gunn isn’t holding anything back, and for his big farewell from the company, he’s delivered an honest, rather crude story that becomes the perfect way to end this amazing trilogy. He delivers some of the best action scenes in the entire MCU, as usual, he gives us some of the best comedy in the entire MCU, and for starters, he gives us a very mature and emotionally packed movie that remains truthful to its characters and original essence.

The Best Marvel Movie?

I wouldn’t dare to say Vol. 3 is the best movie of the really huge MCU, but it’s definitely in the top 5 of the list. What is true is that this is the best movie of the last two phases and what we, Marvel fans, have been waiting for since Endgame (No Way Home is a different story). It’s cohesive within the trilogy, it doesn’t rely on fan service to make it popular, and most importantly, it’s a simple yet very sincere story that focuses on this peculiar group of misfits that don’t really have much in common but their inability to fit with the universe’s standards.

One of the things we’ve complained about here regarding the last movies is that they don’t feel they belong to the larger MCU story, and this one isn’t the exception. This story doesn’t really connect with what we’ve seen, although some characters are sure to become a part of the larger vision (if they have one). However, for the first time, this movie didn’t really need that huge universe backup, because all that matters here is the Guardians’ story and their connections. Certainly, this will likely be the last great Marvel movie ever, or at least in a while, if they don’t change the course they’ve been taking.

All in all, this is such a great movie with a perfect balance between comedy, action, and emotions that will take your heart, squish it, and then put it back in one piece feeling regenerated and hopeful. Yes, it’s sad that we won’t get to see the team together anymore, but they all are where they’re supposed to be making what they do best, save the freaking Universe with humor and sincere hearts. Also, we can’t wait to see Will Poulter shine in future projects!