Shrek Is the Best Animated Film and the Original Cast Could Be Coming Back for the Fifth Movie

A fifth part of 'Shrek' is one of the movies we really need in life.

Gabriela Castillo


Shrek 5 may be closer than we think and we can’t wait for its arrival any longer, in fact, we’re desperate for it.

The DreamWorks’ film is one of the best animated creations and several generations back us up on this, as despite the fact that the premiere of the first part of Shrek is over twenty years old, the story of the coolest ogre remains relevant to this day.

Apparently, that legacy can continue, as we may have the upcoming release of Shrek 5 and nothing makes us happier.

Shrek 5 could Return with the Original Cast

The rumors of a fifth part of Shrek gained even more strength after the premiere of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, when at the end of the film, Puss heads towards Far, Far Away and reveals that he will visit some old friends.

Chris Meledandri, producer and CEO of Illumination, has revealed not only that Shrek 5 is already a reality, but also that it could return with the original cast: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy.

And nothing would make us happier than that.

Shrek 5 estreno - shrek is the best animated film and the original cast could be coming back for the fifth movie

“We anticipate the return of the cast,” Chris Meledandri said about the follow-up to Shrek. “The conversations are starting now and every indication we’ve received is that there’s tremendous enthusiasm on the part of the actors to return.”

Shrek 5 has been in development since 2016. In fact, it was estimated to be released in 2019, but there was a creative delay that prevented them from moving forward with their plans.

“And then you’re working hard to build story elements and new characters that take you to completely new places. The original cast is a big part of that,” the producer revealed.

This news has made us very excited, and now the wait will be even more anxious because we’re desperate for Shrek 5.

Story originally written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva.