Karol G & Shakira Summoned Fans in Times Square, Unleashing Chaos

Some fans considered it an ‘irresponsible move’ on the Colombian singers’ part.

Gabriela Castillo

People screaming with excitement and running back and forth amidst police trying to control the situation – this was the chaotic scene that ensued yesterday afternoon in Times Square, New York, due to ‘blame’ on Shakira and Karol G‘s big collab announcement.

After announcing that they will release ‘TQG’ (te quedó grande) on February 24th, ‘La Bichota’ made a new statement for their fans in the Big Apple. Through social media, Karol G invited her followers to gather in this place for a big surprise.

“Hello, family! Very important message: 6:45 pm, for all those in New York, run to Times Square because Shakira and I have surprises for you. You won’t want to miss it,” wrote the singer.

karolg shakira streets - Karol G & Shakira Summoned Fans in Times Square, Unleashing Chaos

However, they never measured the magnitude of the response their call would have. Hundreds of people came to this site, thinking of nothing else but to find out the promised surprise from Karol G and Shakira. Chaos was the protagonist of this moment. The surprise was delayed for over an hour, and by 8 pm, there was still nothing spectacular. The excitement dwindled, and some lost patience. Even police officers had to intervene to control the situation.

People didn’t know exactly where the show would be (if there was going to be one, even), so they just ran back and forth. First, they made a stop at the Hamilton Theater, hoping that something extraordinary could happen there, like the famous singers appearing on the balcony.

But nothing happened… The authorities had to show them where to go, and they finally arrived at their destination. Karol G and Shakira’s fans gathered in front of the big screens in Times Square.

What Was the Surprise for Karol G and Shakira’s Fans in New York?

The Colombian singers’ fans in New York were the first to witness a preview of their new collaboration music video titled ‘TQG’ or ‘Te quedó grande.’ The music video was projected on the screens, where Shakira could be seen wearing a metallic blue dress styled in a ponytail, while Karol G, dazzling with her red hair, wore two outfits – one with a red blouse and another in black.

Additionally, the video had a caption that read: “Your favorite reality show comes to an end. TQG. Karol G and Shakira. February 24th.”

Now the question is, was it worth risking hundreds of people for the promotion of their music video?

Obviously, the fans who were there did so because they wanted to be there. However, the actions of the famous singers, as several users on social media pointed out, were “irresponsible.” Although it was an incredible surprise, what was planned for something wonderful could have ended in a tragedy mainly because it was something rather spontaneous.

Fortunately, nothing happened, but the famous singers should ‘fine-tune’ their strategies to promote their projects without putting anything or anyone at risk.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva.