The Fall of a Blue Meteorite on Earth Is Captured In Shocking Images

The Australian sky was illuminated by a falling meteorite, which could be seen thanks to surveillance cameras at Cairns Airport, in the city of Queensland.

Isabel Cara

The irruption of elements from space to Earth is no longer so strange nowadays because that material that enters the atmosphere on many occasions can be space debris, shooting stars, or a meteorite, which gives us flashes in the sky, that although we are used to observing, it is still impressive the images that nature gives us.

Such was the case of a city located in Queensland, Australia, where it was through the security cameras of the parking lot at the Cairns Airport, which could record images that for a moment seemed to turn night into day. In the video, you can see a flash of light, followed by a trail of what was a meteorite entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

The images were shared on social networks by airport workers, which reported that they witnessed quite incredible activity in the city’s sky last Saturday night. Also, some residents of the place stated, through social networks, with videos and photos, that they had also witnessed such a peculiar phenomenon.

What Could Be Observed in the Fall of the Meteorite?

In the beginning, a small light is observed on the horizon, as if it were a small fireball, which in milliseconds becomes a huge flash of green and blue color that completely illuminates the sky, and then disappears to the side of a mountain. Some witnesses of the phenomenon also shared their videos on social networks, they reported the great flash that originated when it fell to the ground, and even that a roar was heard, so it is believed that the meteorite could have been of considerable size.

Thus, in social media, it is possible to see the impact of the meteorite from different perspectives. As reported in several media, it was the noise that alerted people, who were able to record the phenomenon. They also explained that “the blue-green color before the impact was probably due to the overheating of the iron and nickel fragments when the rock broke before hitting the ground.”

After the fall of the meteorite was recorded, the Queensland authorities, as well as scientists and space enthusiasts from the Australian Meteor Reports group, are looking for the fragments that broke off, as they hope to preserve and study them.

Story written in Spanish by Lizbeth García in Cultura Colectiva News

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