8 Natural Ways To Flush Out Marijuana From Your Body

Users only store THC for 4 days after smoking, while frequent smokers for ten days. Here's how you can flush marijuana out from your body.

Murder, people being run over, rape, hallucinations, madness, and suicide. This mayhem is caused by consuming cannabis, or at least this is what the film Tell Your Children, also known as Reefer Madness wanted you to believe. Considered to be one of the worst films in history, Reefer Madness stigmatized marihuana and its consumers in absurd ways, and to this day these preconceptions continue to hold sway. 

This film was financed by a group with close ties to the church, as a way to scare parents of the dangers of consuming cannabis. Changing this misconception has taken a long time, and there's a long road ahead to remove the stigma and fear surrounding this inoffensive plant. The cinema world has taken some steps forward; we recall the works of Cheech and Chong, the most famous stoners in history, but even now they are catalogued as foolish, distracted, and lazy. In recent years, stoner characters have been introduced in films in a more casual and natural way, without the heavy moral judgment looming over our shoulders. 


To legalize or penalize? To continue or not the war on drugs? These are some heavy questions surrounding the world of cannabis, which are ardently debated in the dinner table of a suburban family all the way to Congress. There are some consumers that try hard to remove traces of marijuana from their systems for personal or professional reasons, while others just want to remove any trace due to health reasons. Here are some options that can help quicken up the process. 

Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a way to quicken the detox process, as it penetrates the fat tissue where the THC is stored. 


Consume Creatine

Creatine is an organic substance found in the muscle tissue that is synthesized in a natural way in the liver and kidneys. It increases the body's ability to produce energy rapidly, and it makes the detox process faster. It is sold in powder form or capsules; a capsule a day is sufficient, and it is a supplement that is recommended for those who do a lot of exercise. 

Drink Vinegar

Its acidic properties help boost the digestive system and eliminate toxins like THC. Its pungent smell and overwhelming taste can be too much for some, which is why we suggest you mix it with lemon juice. Small quantities are recommended for only a few days because consuming large quantities can impact your pH levels. 


Drink Water

If anything should be constantly carried out in this list it would be drinking water. Toxins are eliminated much more quickly when you drink water. To effectively eliminate THC, we suggest you drink up to two liters of water for the space of a week, combined with the other suggested methods. 

Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice helps remove toxins from the body, and if you want an almost immediate effect, we suggest you drink two large glasses a day. This will speed up the process, but it shouldn't be used as the sole method. 


Drink Green Tea

Green tea is famous for its properties that help remove unwanted chemicals from the body, and its components help the liver become more efficient cleaning. It is not only good for removing THC; its health benefits are plentiful.


Sweating is another way the body removes toxins. Going to the sauna may be one of the options available for you, and while it is not as effective as others, it will certainly help you relax.  



THC is stored in fat, which is why it is important to do exercise to help remove as much as possible. At least twenty minutes per day will be enough to accelerate the process. Don't forget to hydrate!

According to a study conducted by LeafScience, occasional users only store THC for four days after smoking, while frequent smokers for ten days. Only in extreme cases can a body retain the THC for a period of up to sixty seven days. So if you are a user and you want to detox, let your body do its thing and help it out with these natural remedies. 

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