Amber Heard Has Created a New Identity Now That She Lives in Spain

Amber Heard wants to start from scratch, no matter if it means being someone else.

Isabel Cara

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When Amber Heard said she would start a new life in Madrid, Spain, she was very serious, so much so that she even allegedly changed her identity. The actress left Hollywood to be quiet with her daughter Oonagh, after the controversy unleashed by the trial against Johnny Depp.

The star of Aquaman thought that if she was going to start from scratch, she would do it from her name, which, according to local media, she changed to Martha Jane Canary or Calamity Jane. Amber would have chosen it in honor of an American explorer of the nineteenth century, but that’s not all. The actress also changed her language, since she speaks Spanish very well, and has a Mexican accent.

It is a bit complicated to think that such a famous woman can leave her life aside when her face is identified all over the world, but we hope her plan works out and she gets the peace of mind she longs for.

Another thing that has been talked about is her financial situation; she was believed to be bankrupt, after losing the lawsuit against Depp. Which is not consistent with the fortune she pays for the luxurious mansion in which she lives in Spain. For the moment, Amber has no plans to return to Tinseltown, not even for her work as an actress, but, according to her friend revealed to Daily Mail, “she will probably return when the time is right, for the right project.”

Amber heard new identity spain - amber heard has created a new identity now that she lives in spain

Amber Heard Had Been Planning to Move to Spain

We didn’t expect it, but apparently, Amber had already signaled her intention to move to Spain. First, in July 2022, she sold her house in Yucca Valley, California; then, in October of that same year, the actress was captured on the beaches of Palma de Mallorca; and finally, they were seen playing with her two-year-old daughter in a park in that country.

All this happens a little over a year after the controversial trial where Amber was found guilty of defamation against Johnny.

Story written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva

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