Drake Bell was Reported Missing; Police Fears He Might Be in Danger

Authorities in the Florida city of Daytona Beach have issued a missing persons report for actor Drake Bell, who was reported missing.

Isabel Cara

Foto de Drake Bell

Worrying news: the police in an area of Florida launched an alert to look for Drake Bell, star of the children’s show Drake and Josh, after reporting him as missing. Through a brief statement, which was shared by TMZ, security members of the Daytona Beach police station indicated that they are concerned about the actor’s well-being, so they stated that they are giving extreme priority to the case.

Bell was last seen driving a gray 2022 BMW car this Wednesday around 9 p.m., very close to an area called Mainland High School. The reactions of Internet users have not been long in coming, and although many think that it is all a stunt by the celebrity to get public attention, the police confirmed that this is a real and very serious case.

The Ups and Downs in Drake Bell’s Life

The singer has not fared very well after he participated in Drake and Josh, a Nickelodeon show that ended its broadcasting in 2007. He recently completed a probation sentence after pleading guilty in a case of attempted endangerment of a minor after being involved in an inappropriate situation at a club.

Police reports from that event indicated that Bell was scheduled to perform with a girl under the age of 18, with whom he allegedly had an online relationship. And that has not been his only run-in with authorities, as in 2015 he was arrested for drunk driving and for allegedly abusing a woman with whom he apparently had a 5-year relationship.

Furthermore, in 2014 he declared himself bankrupt, and although he has sought to regain his status by making several appearances both in the United States and Mexico, it seems that his efforts have not had the expected result.

However, right now the Daytona Beach police have encouraged anyone with clues as to his whereabouts to contact them through their official channels, and it is expected that very soon there will be favorable news about the celebrity.

Story written in Spanish by Alejandro Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva