The Chaotic Relationship Between Miley, Taylor, Selena, and Demi

Long before their rumors, hints, and fights, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato became very good friends. At what point did their relationship break? We'll tell you here.

Gabriela Castillo

We are all aware that Demi Lovato can’t stand Selena Gomez nor Taylor Swift, although there are some of us who also know that it wasn’t always like this.

Similarly, it’s well-known that Miley Cyrus fully supports Selena Gomez (just look at what happened between her, the Jenner sisters, and Hailey Bieber), but her past is a bit more complicated.

At what point did things start to break between Taylor, Selena, and Demi? How does Miley fit into these fights and reconciliations? We’ll tell you everything here.

Disney and the Jonas Brothers: the Beginning of the End

Let’s start at the beginning: do you remember where we first saw Miley, Selena, and Demi? That’s right: on a Disney Channel production, the company that not only brought them together on different projects but also launched them to stardom (although it also took away their chance to have a normal adolescence).

Miley and Selena first met on the set of Hannah Montana, where they became friends, just as Miley was already in a relationship with one of the Jonas Brothers: Nick, with whom things… didn’t turn out so well.

In fact, the Jonas Brothers were the key point in some of the conflicts between the singers, as after Miley and Nick ended their relationship (filled with turbulence and bitter moments for the performer), Selena started dating him, something that Miley didn’t appreciate, as she made clear in indirect references in songs like “7 Things.”

And Demi was already part of this equation because she became close to the Jonas Brothers thanks to Camp Rock, the movie that the four starred in and which made her a Disney girl, which is why she and Selena, friends since they worked together on Barney and Friends, strengthened their relationship even more.

Later, Taylor came into all their lives when she started dating Joe, the main face of the Jonas Brothers, which is why Selena and Demi met her, as they began to spend a lot of time together among all of them. By this time, Taylor and Miley were also friends, although not as close.

The Enmity between Demi, Selena, and Taylor

Demi did not appreciate that Taylor and Selena, girlfriends of Joe and Nick Jonas, began to spend so much time together, which began to be noticed in some interviews and public encounters. The enmity between Taylor and Demi began here, and the latter had no choice but to hang out with Miley, with whom she became very close.

Time passed and Nick and Selena ended their relationship. This allowed Miley to try again with him, but things didn’t work out, and in the same year they got back together (2009), they ended their relationship again. This situation brought Nick back closer to Selena, but it didn’t work out.

By this point, Taylor and Joe were no longer together, and that was because he broke up with her in a phone call that lasted about 27 seconds, as she recounted in an interview for the Ellen DeGeneres show; and obviously, she didn’t stay silent: she made several references to this moment in both her songs and mocking videos.

What did this whole situation with the Jonas leave the world? Several great songs full of indirect references, such as “Last Kiss,” “Much Better,” “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” and the beautiful relationship that Selena and Taylor maintain to this day.

Some other Failures

At this point, Demi had the opportunity to start something with Joe, although many said that it was all a publicity stunt due to the good chemistry they showed in Camp Rock, which even led them to tour together in several countries. However, on that tour, Demi had one of her strongest drug relapses.

Selena showed her quite a bit of support, and it seemed that things between them would return to normal, but this did not last. When Demi recovered, they drifted apart again; in interviews, they commented that it was due to lack of time, work, and other reasons, but the reality is that they never became the friends they were years ago.

By 2013, Miley continued to tease Selena in some songs and social media posts, but Selena didn’t pay attention because she had already moved on from the Jonas and was dealing with her problems with Justin Bieber. And well, Miley herself met Liam Hemsworth, and we all know how that ended.

The Present of Miley, Taylor, Demi, and Selena

Currently, the four artists don’t have a bad relationship with each other. In fact, during the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Miley made video calls with Selena and Demi to talk about the past, smooth things over, and show the world that, at least from their side, there was no resentment.

Taylor and Selena are still the best friends they have always been; they have supported each other’s artistic careers and have been there to listen to each other’s mutual problems and provide solutions in various situations, especially in Selena’s battles with mental health and lupus that she has been fighting for years.

Demi is the only one who has really stayed apart from all of them; when she suffered a drug overdose in 2018 that sent her to the hospital and almost killed her, Selena reached out to show her support, but even so, they quickly separated again since Demi simply can’t tolerate her friendship with Taylor.

And the four of them also do not have a bad relationship with the Jonas, who are currently happily married, and two of them (Joe and Kevin) have become dads. However, the thorn of the past relationships always remains, and that also makes them unable to get along entirely well.

Story originally written in Spanish by Alejandro Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva.