Piqué Couldn’t Stand Seeing Shakira with Maluma Because He Was Always the Toxic One

Shakira and Maluma aroused Pique's jealousy by showing a great connection while doing music together.

Isabel Cara

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Although Piqué is now super indifferent to Shakira, he wasn’t always like that, in fact, he once made an absurd ‘scene’ of jealousy… and it stuck. When Shakira worked with Maluma, the rumor started that between this pair there was something more than just a friendship.

Fans swore that every time they got together, love, passion, and desire were visible, but they always denied it. Pique wasn’t feeling it, so he decided to make sure Shakira and Maluma weren’t ‘seeing his face.’

Shakira and maluma

The Day Piqué Got Jealous of Maluma

In 2017, the Colombians began filming the video clip for ‘Clandestino’ around 8:00 pm, and without an invitation, the former soccer player showed up on location at about 3:00 am. “Many were the rumors at that time that said that between Shakira and Maluma there could be an intimate encounter. Gerard Piqué, with a fly in his ear, showed up at the shoot without warning to see what was going on between the two artists,” said paparazzi Jordi Martín.

Piqué was left (like a clown) when he realized that they were really working, and jealousy made him lose his head. The photographer who followed Shakira’s life very closely believes that between Shakira and Maluma there was only a nice friendship and a good professional relationship.

“I never saw anything between the two of them. What I saw was a great friendship and a great complicity between two artists who love and admire each other. I always denied those rumors about their supposed romance, because Shakira was completely in love with the soccer player,” he said. In the end, Piqué was the one who ended up cheating on her, and her jealousy was useless because it is true when they say that “the lion thinks that everyone is like him”.

Story written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva