The CIA’s Astral Travels to Explore Mars

Human beings have not reached Mars, but a group of psychics hired by the CIA did it through astral travel.

Gabriela Castillo

¿Por qué viajar a Marte puede causarte demencia crónica?

For centuries, humans have longed to physically explore other planets. Currently, in the second decade of the 21st century, there are plans and tests to take people to Mars, an inhospitable planet where, until now, no intelligent life has existed.

An experiment by the CIA during the 1970s, which involved psychics allegedly capable of astral travel, resulted in claims of the existence of an advanced civilization of humanoids that would have inhabited the red planet in the past. Yes, a CIA experiment would have yielded clues about Martians from millions of years ago.

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The Stargate Project, part of the United States Army, was dedicated to the research of psychic phenomena and techniques of remote viewing or the ability to observe events from a distance, among other superpowers. It was there where a psychic used their extrasensory abilities to see an ancient civilization that inhabited Mars, in an arid environment, amidst pyramid-like structures.

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A CIA report from May 22, 1984 describes the experiment, in which the person received envelopes, which were to remain sealed, related to geographic coordinates. Inside were two written indications: “Mars” and “one million years ago,” so that the response would be related to the planet’s past.

The psychic then declared that it was a dry place, with constructions similar to pyramids and without vegetation, but with very advanced technology. He had no way of knowing that it was Mars, from a region known as Cydonia, where coincidentally there are pyramid-like formations (something that was not known until 30 years later in satellite images).

Until now, of course, there is no scientific evidence of that experiment, in which an anonymous psychic would have traveled to Mars through astral travel (and in which the famous psychic Ingo Swann also participated and “observed” Jupiter).

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Stargate disappeared in 1995, when the CIA decided that it would no longer have a division that “had not been useful in any intelligence operation.” The truth will only be known when humans reach Mars and, then, they can study its past just as ancient civilizations have been discovered on Earth.