OnlyFans Now Has Models Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now! Proof of that is the many models created on AI with millions of subscribers on Only Fans.

Isabel Cara

only fans models created with artificial intelligence

This is not a drill, folks: some users on networks have already started generating Instagram and OnlyFans accounts with models that were generated through an application with Artificial Intelligence, and the debate this is generating only leaves us thinking that the world is already upside down.

Artificial-Intelligence-Generated Models on OnlyFans?

Just as you read it: through social networks, a debate began to take place due to the discovery of some accounts on Instagram and OnlyFans of models that do not exist in real life but were generated through an Artificial Intelligence application. For example, the account The Realist, which has profiles on Instagram and Twitter, began to share images of some of these models, dressed in lingerie or bikini, which visually are so realistic that many came to think that they were real women. Many of these images were generated as a result of an Artificial Intelligence application such as Dall-e, which was designed to create quite realistic humanoid images after drawing from a database of real people and situations.

What has caused the debate in networks regarding this situation has to do not so much with the creation of audiovisual products starring these “AI models”, but with the act of profiting from this type of content, and a much more explicit one that is available on their OnlyFans profile, being that they are not really real people. It is estimated that the profiles of some of these fake models are generating more and more viewers as time goes by; the explicit content version of “The Realist”, for example, already has more than 6 thousand subscribers.

Only fans modelos ias 2 - onlyfans now has models generated by artificial intelligence

[Photo: Twitter @therrrealist]

AI Models Causing a Stir on Social Media

Many netizens are showing themselves to be against this decision to release explicit content on OnlyFans generated by AIs for various reasons. On the one hand, some people say that this type of content is undignified because it only serves to continue hyper sexualizing women’s bodies by presenting figures that were generated thanks to a database of real people. On the other hand, some people feel threatened by this type of content because they say that they no longer know what is real and what is not within the whole range of offers that exists in networks similar to OnlyFans, and that somehow it is a kind of fraud if the public is charged without mentioning that it is an account of fictitious people.

Although there are also people who feel comfortable with this whole situation, explaining that they do not consider it a bad thing that there is the content of this style generated by a computer since it is not about someone real, and that it would not have to be different from another type of explicit content made in animation.

What is certain is that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and the future that it will generate together with technology is quite uncertain, although there are people who do not stop thinking about catastrophic situations as shown in productions such as Black Mirror or Matrix. What do you think about all this, would you agree that there are people who want to pay for explicit content generated by an AI, or do you think it is a fraudulent business model?

Story written in Spanish by Alex Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva