Chris Brown Threw a Fan’s Phone in a Bad Bunny Style

Is everything okay at home, Chris Brown?

Gabriela Castillo

What’s with celebrities snatching fans’ phones? It’s like they think it’s okay to just grab them and toss them aside, just like Bad Bunny did. But he’s not the only one, apparently Chris Brown can’t shake off his violent tendencies, as he recently did the same thing during one of his performances, which is just shameful.

This is not the first time Chris Brown has been associated with violence and aggression issues, and it’s even been reported that he’s had therapy sessions for it, but apparently, they haven’t done much good, as he’s shown to be anything but kind to his fans in recent months.

Chris brown - chris brown threw a fan’s phone in a bad bunny style

Chris Brown Throws a Fan’s Phone into the Audience

Chris Brown is currently on his Under The Influence Tour, where he thought it would be a good idea to bring back his famous lap dances, which excited many of his fans, especially those who will have the opportunity to see him live. Dancing is a significant hallmark of his performances, and many of his viewers try to capture it through their cell phone cameras. However, the R&B singer doesn’t quite agree with that.

A video went viral on social media showing the musician performing his 2007 hit “Take You Down” while the chosen fan for the dance captures the moment with her phone. Without missing a beat, Chris Brown snatches the device from the girl’s hand, then throws it into the crowd.

Fortunately, the woman was able to retrieve her phone, which must have been quite a scare for her. However, the musician seemed not to care much about it, as he thought it was funny to share the moment on his Instagram stories with the caption: “F**k that phone.”

Fans Are Fed up with Chris Brown

Even though Chris Brown’s relationship with Rihanna was many years ago, fans still haven’t forgotten that the singer was a victim of violence at the hands of her colleague, so they often leave comments reminding him of what he did in the past.

And that’s not all, after Riri’s performance during the night of Super Bowl 2023, Brown sent an indirect message showing his “support” for his ex-girlfriend, something that, of course, was not well received by his followers.

Chris Brown decided to protest against the hate he’s been receiving on social media, but he didn’t do it with much kindness, to say the least, as he defended himself with threats and egocentrism. It seems that Chris Brown hasn’t learned anything.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva.