Madonna Begins a New Love Story with a Guy 35 Years Younger than Her

Madonna knows that love has no age.

Gabriela Castillo

Madonna doesn’t care about what people say, and she lives her life as she feels best, freely, just as she has shown throughout her career. She has not been exempt from controversy and criticism, but that has not impeded continuing, even to put one or another in their place.

One of the most criticized aspects of Madonna is her love life, as most of the singer’s relationships have been with much younger men. But this seems not to matter to her. Nothing has prohibited or limited her from living the love and feelings that are experienced within it.

Madonna - madonna begins a new love story with a guy 35 years younger than her

Madonna Has a New Boyfriend 35 Years Younger than Her

Madonna ended her romantic relationship with 23-year-old model Andrew Darnell to give herself a chance with athlete Josh Popper. The 64-year-old singer was seen hugging the 29-year-old boxer, who is also a personal trainer for one of the star’s six children, at the Bredwinners gym in Manhattan, making him closer to her family than it seems.

Josh shared some photos posing with the pop queen; in the first image, we can see the athlete hugging Madonna, surrounded by his colleagues; while in the second, we only see the couple, with the artist holding onto the arm of who would be her new boyfriend.

“I wanna thank my coaches, my team, and my Bredwinners family for pushing me to give my best in and out of the ring. I got some good people by my side,” wrote the boxer in his post on his Instagram account.

So far, neither Madonna nor Popper have publicly spoken about their romance, they have only shared some photos at the gym through social networks, and on one occasion, Daily Mail approached the boxer to question him about his relationship with the singer, and he refused to clarify the rumors.

Who is Josh Popper?

Josh Popper grew up in Egg Harbor Township, a municipality in Atlantic County, New Jersey. For many years, he dedicated himself to selling life insurance until he decided to start his own business and open his Bredwinners gym.

Josh was involved in sports from an early age and played American football for several years. However, after trying several times to enter two NFL teams and not succeeding, he left the sport. He has maintained a reserved life, but this may change if he does have a romance with the Queen of Pop.

Story originally written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva.