Hannah Montana’s Disorder and Why Miley Cyrus Had a Dark Childhood

While Hannah Montana made many little girls happy, Miley Cyrus' life was a constant nightmare.

Isabel Cara

Miley Cyrus

Not everything has been happy and successful for Miley Cyrus, the celebrity has gone through very bitter times that almost defeated her. Miley has proven to be a brave and strong woman, who faces everything that is put in front of her. But to get to that point, from a very young age, she faced moments that no little girl (or anyone else) deserves at her age, and many of these will stay with her forever.

The Upheaval Miley Cyrus Suffered While Filming Hannah Montana

The Hannah Montana era was not a very happy time for Miley, although it was the character that brought her to fame. In the children’s series, we saw Miley playing two roles, that of a teenager with a normal life who, at night, became a pop star sensation. That dual role caused the singer to present serious mental health problems. She started taking therapy when she realized she was living under immense pressure that developed body dysmorphia from spending so much time in the life of a child.

Hannah montana - hannah montana's disorder and why miley cyrus had a dark childhood

Miley confessed that when she left Hannah Montana and had to be herself 24/7 it was a huge job, as she could not recognize and detach herself from the character that accompanied her for so many years. The star did not have a normal life, and when she left Disney, endless scandals about addictions, mood swings, and exhibitions, among other issues, began to emerge. Experts in psychology mention that the singer simply exploded because of so many years of pressure since a girl doesn’t really know how to deal with such stress.

Miley Cyrus Today

It took many years for Miley to reconcile with Hannah Montana, but she finally did it, even thanking her for their time together. Currently, Miley is one of the most listened-to singers worldwide, and her recent project Endless Summer Vacation has led her to lead international charts, especially her single ‘Flowers,’ one of the best songs of 2023.

Miley has become an inspiration for many people and is proof that at the end of the tunnel, there is always light.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva