Shakira’s ‘Acróstico’ Might’ve Been the Song that Hurt Piqué’s Ego the Most

Gerard Piqué stopped being the protagonist of Shakira's songs; she's now focused on pure and real love.

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Gerard Piqué stopped being the protagonist in Shakira’s songs and that might’ve hurt him and his ego much more than the bunch of songs she released about him.

The reason would be that by no longer appearing in her lyrics, it means that the Colombian is over him, and as she said from the beginning, she is focused on her career and children. “Now, Piqué, you’ve become a zero to the left in Shakira’s life,” “This song surely hurt Piqué more than the one with Bizarrap,” “Piqué must be well sad because Shakira doesn’t care anymore,” wrote some users on social media.

Shakira’s new hit has a special dedication to Milan and Sasha, who with their love, have pushed her to move forward, despite the betrayal of the former footballer. ‘Acróstico’ is not only a beautiful song, but it is a true love letter, reminding us of that artist from the 90s who made our skin crawl with each of her songs.

The relationship between the former couple is not good, but they have tried to cope with it so as not to affect the little ones. Now, Piqué would be hurt because he can no longer get the attention of the celebrity. But more importantly, she’s now forming a loving and close family alone with her kids.

Shakira’s Children, Milan, and Sasha, Perform in ‘Acróstico’

One of the most beautiful moments that Shakira gave us with her new song is to see her and her children performing it acoustically. In a video shared by the singer, Sasha, and Milan appear singing with her the new song ‘Acróstico.’ The title song that translates to ‘Acrostic’ has some verses forming the names of her children with their initial letters, and Milan plays the piano as he did in the final version of this song.

According to producer Lexus, since Milan heard the lyrics of the song he raised his hand to be part of it. “It is confirmed that the melody of Acróstico was played by Shakira’s eldest son. When she showed the lyrics to her children, Milan asked to be the one to play the piano for the final version of the song,” he wrote on social networks.

Rumor has it Piqué isn’t happy with the collab and would be seeking legal action for using the kids on the song.

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