The Flirtiest Zodiac Signs, Watch Out if You Come across Any of Them

If you come across any of these zodiac signs, rest assured they will try to make you feel good with their flirting, but that doesn’t mean they want anything serious with you.

Gabriela Castillo

We hate to burst your bubble, but no, Scorpio is not one of the flirtiest zodiac signs, not even close, according to astrology.

It’s very true that all human beings, regardless of our zodiac sign, have a certain degree of flirtatiousness in our being, but some people are more advanced in the subject than others.
And if Scorpio doesn’t fall into this category (although they do fall into the most sensual category, that’s for sure), which signs are truly the flirtiest in the zodiac? That’s what we’ll explain to you below.

Fire and Air, the Flirtiest Elements in the Zodiac

Before we tell you which are the flirtiest signs of the 12 houses, it’s important to explain why the element that “sponsors” them has a lot of influence, according to an article in Bustle.
Air and fire zodiac signs, according to astrologers Annabel Gat and Ms. Charlotte, tend to be governed by a positive polarity, heavily loaded towards taking action in certain situations, but that doesn’t automatically make them flirtatious signs.

Signos coquetos zodiaco 1 - the flirtiest zodiac signs, watch out if you come across any of them

However, they are more likely to be noisy and proud of their feelings towards another person, which can make them want to flirt with someone who caught their eye.

“Fire and air signs are more likely to tell you they’re in love, while earth and water signs are more likely to show it, perhaps by gently touching your arm while you talk,” Gat commented.

Although it’s true that factors such as personality or environment can make the “game” of flirting between these signs and others change quite a bit, there are three signs that are more predisposed than the rest to give a kind smile or a compliment to someone who catches their eye.

The Flirtiest Signs of the Zodiac

1. Gemini

Signos coquetos zodiaco 2 - the flirtiest zodiac signs, watch out if you come across any of them

Their sign is ruled by Mercury, the Roman god of communication, so it’s expected of them to be great conversationalists and quick thinkers. However, as they tend to be very playful, their flirting often leans more towards jokes than reality, so don’t believe them too much at first.

“Their flirting is more a reflection than an act of intention, as they enjoy the company of people who can stimulate their mind,” Ms. Charlotte commented.

“A Gemini can make friends and engage in small talk with almost anyone, so flirting is almost like a challenge to see if someone is intellectually compatible enough for them to seriously pursue.”

2. Libra

Signos coquetos zodiaco 3 - the flirtiest zodiac signs, watch out if you come across any of them

It should come as no surprise that the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, is on this list, as they are known as the most attractive in the zodiac, and their appearance, kindness, and personality always attract more than one.

“Libras love people, so intense flirting is just another forgettable Tuesday for them. They are social butterflies who can make anyone and everyone fall in love with them,” explains Mrs. Charlotte.

“For a Libra, flirting has less to do with sex and more to do with enjoying those around them; they’re here for a good time, but not a long time.”

And it’s because Libras see flirting as a form of fun as well as a well-intentioned compliment, so they’ll never stop flirting even if they wanted to.

“They also love to keep the flirting stage of a relationship going for as long as possible. If you want to spend your life with a Libra, you need to know how to keep the flirting alive,” Gat shares.

3. Sagittarius

Signos coquetos zodiaco 4 - the flirtiest zodiac signs, watch out if you come across any of them

With this sign, you always have to be careful when imagining a future together, as they are naturally flirtatious and don’t always show their true intentions unless they are truly interested.

“They don’t have a ‘final game plan,’ as they only look for beginnings, which is why their love lives seem so directionless and experimental,” commented Mrs. Charlotte.

As a fire sign, they use flirting as a form of exploration and discovery, to anticipate any romantic and sexual possibilities, even if it means getting into a lot of trouble.

However, they are very daring flirts, so it is very easy for them to make anyone blush, whether it be with a nice word… or a frank expression.

Have you ever experienced the art of flirting with any of these signs? Or are you one of them and recognize yourself in this analysis of flirting?

Story originally written in Spanish by Alejandro Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva.