It’s Not Just About Money: User Reveals What No One Says About OnlyFans

This OnlyFans user revealed what's beyond uploading content and getting money in return.

Isabel Cara

No solo es dinero: Usuaria cuenta lo que nadie dice de Onlyfans

For those who have been living under an Internet rock for the last few years and don’t know what OnlyFans is, it’s a platform where anyone can post photos and videos, almost always for other adults, to market them. And while it is an alternative to generating income, there may be consequences, especially for those who have a secret account. That’s why a young woman from Mexico decided to share her own experience on TikTok so that everyone knows what’s beyond uploading content and getting money in return.

Genesis Sarabia recorded a video in which she tells all: “Nobody asked me,” she says, taking care of her language so that the algorithm does not penalize her content on TikTok. “But I feel it necessary to tell them the truth or the behind of making you an OnlyFans!” She recounts that it was in July when she opened her account on the platform and started uploading content. “The content I uploaded were photos I would normally send to my boyfriend or photos I had saved from before. That was my content for the first few days.”

“I’ve been almost a year on that platform, and I feel this responsibility because I haven’t seen anyone say that; but hey, yes, it’s cool but there’s a thing too.” Genesis is from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, a relatively small city in northern Mexico, and she uses a popular phrase in reference, “Pueblo chico, infierno grande” (small town, big hell). She explains that she has ordered Uber services or food delivery, to her office or on the street… and people recognize her.

Onlyfans user reveals consequences - it's not just about money: user reveals what no one says about onlyfans

“All of a sudden, someone comes along who knows me. Someone who tells me ‘Hey, I have you on Facebook’, ‘hey, I’ve seen you’, ‘hey, I’ve bought content'”. She explains that the situation is complicated because she receives unsolicited comments: “There are times when I ask for an Uber and they apply the ‘don’t pay me, but let’s see, show me.’ And it’s like, why would I do that, Ramiro, why the f*** should I not pay you for a 50 peso ride to show you my content?”

She says it’s not just drivers on the transportation app, but also when she goes to the movies, the supermarket, or other public places. “When I go out on the street, I feel like everyone is watching me,” she says. “You feel that people are pointing at you, or you feel that people have already seen you, and you’re also exposed to a lot of dangers.”

The TikToker is familiar with the Olimpia Law in Mexico, the legislation that punishes those who disseminate intimate content of other people without their consent. And although she appreciates it and knows that it is a tool to stop these crimes, she considers it insufficient, as it does not prevent people from misusing the material. “If your parents don’t know or your family doesn’t know, they can find out, and there can be drama; are you ready for that?” Genesis concludes by stressing that “there are bad things once you get the bill; people don’t take you seriously anymore, they talk bad about you, you know?”

Story was published originally in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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