8 Websites You Can Share With Your Friends To Download Free Content

8 Websites You Can Share With Your Friends To Download Free Content

Por: J Cesar -

Internet has become a modern Agora where people can find answers to all their questions. A virtual world where they can read, watch videos, buy products, learn, and interact with each other. Having access to this amount of data can involve a great deal of complications, the users are faced with the problem of finding safe and reliable sites.The phrase “searching a needle in a haystack” becomes a reality to those who surf the web.

They say the greatest things in life cannot be bought, these websites were created to prove that, indeed, some things are free.



Free Websites

This websites was designed to help you share images. This site can help you find images that can be used in countless ways, such as creating marketing campaigns. Or perhaps, you are just looking for images to decorate your room, or to complete your school’s power point presentation. You won’t have to worry about the rights, as all images are not copyrighted.


Public Domain Archive

Free Websites bowling

Who said one website of free pictures is enough when you can have two. This site will also be a good source of images.


Free Websites icon

We all like to have original or pretty icons to customize our computer desktop. You will find 650 thousand free icons. They are waiting for you to download them.



Free Websites vector

All designers and non-designers will love this site. Here you can search vector graphics. These graphics use pixels (small dots or squares of color) to create an overall image, so you can design flyers and party invitations.



Free Websites template

Bloggers will find this website useful. It contains free images, app and website templates,  and mockups.


The League of Moveable Type

Free Websites fonts

This site offers the best fonts for free since 2009. The League sees itself as revolutionary force, which seeks to make a contribution to society by giving away typefaces.


Gutenberg Project

Free Websites letters

Named after the inventor of the first printing system, this project offers the possibility to download public domain books on your iPad, Kindle or computer.



Free Websites games

It is a website designed to temporarily download videogames for free. We are sure you will find a game you can pass your free time.


If you know of other websites where you can share free content, don’t forget to let us know.